The Republic of South Sudan

The ICRC, present in Juba since 1980, opened a delegation in South Sudan in mid-2011. It works to respond to the needs of people affected by armed conflict and violence.

An ICRC staff explains how the distribution of seeds and tools is going to take place.

Our work in the Republic of South Sudan

The ICRC works to ensure that people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence are protected in accordance with international humanitarian law (IHL) and other applicable rules. We help separated families to restore or maintain contact with their relatives and support the families of missing persons in the search for their loved ones. We visit detainees to ensure humane treatment and decent conditions of detention and work to increase knowledge of IHL among the authorities and weapon bearers.

The ICRC also endeavours to provide communities affected by armed conflict with access to safe water, medical care, physical rehabilitation services, mental health and psychosocial support, emergency relief and livelihood support. We work closely with and support the South Sudan Red Cross.

Rumbek. Cattle represent often the most valuable and stable asset families can own in some areas of South Sudan.

The impact of our work - January to June 2023

phone calls were facilitated to help separated families restore or maintain contact with their relatives.
visits were conducted by ICRC teams to 14 places of detention holding over 6,000 detainees, with a view to ensuring acceptable living conditions and treatment of detainees.
missing persons cases were resolved, enabling their fate and whereabouts to be clarified and ending the anguish and uncertainty endured by their families of not knowing what had happened to them.
weapon-wounded patients were treated and received lifesaving surgery at ICRC-supported hospitals.
consultations were provided at 11 ICRC-supported primary health-care centres.
Nearly 250,000
individuals restarted food production and regained their livelihood after receiving seeds and tools.
individuals were able to cover their food needs, thanks to the distribution of a total of 1,300 tonnes of food by the ICRC.
individuals who were displaced from their homes were provided with essential household items.
people in rural communities had access to clean water, thanks to the construction or repair of 19 water yards and the distribution of 175 hand pumps by the ICRC.

Stories from the people we serve and our staff

I feel some relief. The ICRC has helped me restart my small business to support my family and to reduce the economic burden which was draining me.

Riak Majang a father of ten children who also supports his in-laws and the wife and children of his uncle who has gone missing.

Tonight, I was able to hear the voices of my family in Khartoum. I arrived here [Renk, South Sudan] more than a month ago, and this is the first time I’ve talked to them.

Limia who was displaced by the conflict in Khartoum, Sudan.

With the income from the beekeeping project, I can now meet the needs of my children, such as food and soap, and even pay their school fees.

Festo a father of four who returned to his home in Yei after fleeing to Uganda to escape the conflict in Central Equatoria State

I started with the ICRC as a surgeon in December 2001. I have been doing this job because, unfortunately, there are people who still need us. There are countries where war is going on, countries where they don't have adequate facilities to treat the wounded.

Amilcar Contreras an ICRC surgeon who worked at the ICRC-supported Juba military hospital in South Sudan.

Our services in the Republic of South Sudan

  • Have you lost contact with your family as a result of a humanitarian crisis, such as a conflict, a natural disaster or migration? The ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross can help. We can help you reconnect with relatives within South Sudan or abroad. Our service is free, and all your information will be kept safe.

  • The ICRC supports three physical rehabilitation centres in Juba, Rumbek and Wau, providing free services to those in need.

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Our work with the South Sudan Red Cross

The ICRC works in close partnership with the South Sudan Red Cross (SSRC) to respond to the humanitarian needs of people affected by armed conflict and violence. We support the SSRC’s programme to increase emergency preparedness and response and contribute to the SSRC’s capacity-building to enable it to fulfil its mission of assisting the most vulnerable people in South Sudan.