The ICRC has had a delegation in Moscow since 1992. We maintain a dialogue on humanitarian issues and international humanitarian law, and we support the National Societies in the region.

A woman is holding photos of her late husband

Our work in Russia

The ICRC delegation in Moscow is one of the main centres of our humanitarian diplomacy in the world. We maintain a dialogue with representatives of the Russian authorities, academia and the expert community, as well as other actors of influence.

Our goal is to enlist their support in our mission to provide humanitarian protection and assistance to people affected by armed conflict and other violence around the world.

The ICRC delegation in Moscow supports our operations in Belarus.

Stories from the people we serve

When he is back home, I won't let him leave again. I will tell him, ‘I will not let you go anywhere again.’ Although, of course, he won't listen...

A mother of a prisoner of war, when we gave her news about her son

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Our work with the Russian Red Cross Society

We work together with the Russian Red Cross Society to promote humanitarian values and provide support to displaced people.