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Bequests and Legacies

23-04-2010 Overview

Bequests (legacies) made to the ICRC are an invaluable source of support for our work and help millions of victims of armed conflicts and other situations of violencearound the world to regain hope and human dignity. A bequest to the ICRC is an act of humanity for the benefit of future generations

Children who inherit war need a legacy of hope !

Why make a will?
Making a will guarantees that your last wishes will be carried out.
It ensures that causes close to your heart will continue to receive your support.
A will is not definitive; you can change it at any time

How does one make a will?
The formal requirements for drawing up a will vary widely from one country to another, depending on the law applicable.
It is advisable to consult a professional (notary public, lawyer, bank official or financial consultant) in order to ensure that your wishes are clearly expressed and that the relevant legal provisions -- especially those governing the form of the will and the entitlements of family members -- are complied with.

What can be bequeathed to the ICRC?
Your bequest, however modest, will help the ICRC pursue its humanitarian activities.
You may name the ICRC as a legatee; it is important, however, to state clearly what is comprised in the bequest (sum of money, securities, real estate, etc.).
You may also name the ICRC as a residual heir to your property. The organization will then inherit the property remaining after deduction of the entitlements of rightful heirs, expenses and any other bequests.
If you have no rightful heirs, you may designate the ICRC as sole legatee.

How to make a bequest to the ICRC?
It is essential to give the ICRC's full name and address in your will:

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
19, Avenue de la Paix
1202 Geneva

Inheritance tax
Whether or not inheritance tax or death duty is payable depends on the law in force in your country. In many parts of the world the ICRC is exempt from such taxes. If this is the case in your country, the entire amount of your bequest will be used for the ICRC's work in aid of war victims.



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