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Challenges to application of IHL to Afghanistan

28-10-2011 Event

Online live web seminar presented by the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard University and the International Review of the Red Cross

Event Info

Where: Online live web seminar

When: 04.11.2011

The conflict in Afghanistan is in its tenth year, and the situation continues to challenge protection efforts under international humanitarian law (IHL). While the civilian population has borne the effects of decades of conflict and instability, none of the previous conflicts have raised such direct questions regarding means and methods of implementing IHL.

This live web seminar addresses a number of issues related to protection, including:

  • The role of IHL in regulating hostilities, particularly issues related to targeting, status of individuals, and the question of the geography of armed conflict.
  • The current nature of detention operations in Afghanistan, and the legal framework(s) by which these operations are regulated.
  • The state of humanitarian operations, the role of humanitarian actors such as the ICRC, and the challenges of access to vulnerable populations.


The seminar took place on 4 November 2011. A recording is available online.


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