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National IHL competition in Israel - 2007

15-02-2008 Event

3-7 December 2007

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Where: Geneva


Participants in the National Competition on IHL - Israel 2007    
A first IHL competition in Israel  

 In the framework of the growing cooperation with Israeli academic institutions since 2003, the ICRC delegation in Israel, the Occupied and Autonomous Territories, organized, in December 2007, the first annual edition of the national IHL competition, in which students from a number of Israeli academic institutions participated, trained and competed.  


 While international law competitions are common in the experience of many Israeli law schools, none had ever participated in a competition focused on international humanitarian law (IHL), despite the fact that IHL plays a prominent part in the country’s academic, political and judicial agendas. This first competition helped enhance IHL's place within the Israeli academic discourse and raised awareness and interest in IHL amongst Israeli students of law and international relations.  


 During the competition, all participants underwent eight rounds of testing that not only tested their knowledge of IHL, but also their ability to apply it to real-life situations. In between tests, the students attended additional training sessions conducted by the international experts serving as jurors for the competition. Two teams were then selected for the final event that was open to the public.  


 The winning team was from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  , and was comprised of  Ms. Tom Gat, Ms. Carmel Shenkar and Mr. Elad Strohmayer   (see team no. 4 in the list of   Participating teams - 2007 competition  ). The winning team was awarded a bursary to fund its participation in the international Jean-Pictet IHL Competition, in which it competed in April 2008 in Switzerland, and reached the semi-finals, representing an Israeli institution for the first time.  Ms. Gat   was also awarded the  Uriel Masad Award   for the competition’s best speaker.  


 In light of the success of the 2007 competition, the 2008 competition is planned for 24-28 November and preparations are currently underway.  


For additional information, please write to the ICRC delegation  



Key document 



 Speech   given by Mr. Christoph Harnisch, head of the delegation, Israel, the Occupied and Autonomous Territories, at the closing ceremony of the 2007 competition  


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