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National Competition on International Humanitarian Law: Israel 2007

17-06-2007 Event

Israel, 3-7 December 2007

Event Info

Where: Geneva


A first IHL competition in Israel  

In the framework of the growing cooperation with Israeli academic institutions since 2003, the ICRC Delegation in Israel, the Occupied and Autonomous Territories has invited a number of Israeli academic institutions to have their students participate, train and compete in the first annual edition of a National Competition on Int ernational Humanitarian Law (IHL).

While international law competitions are common in the experience of many Israeli law schools, none has ever participated in a competition focused on IHL, despite the fact that IHL plays a prominent part in the country’s academic, political and judicial agendas. This year, the ICRC decided to organize the first national IHL competition between teams from Israeli academic institutions, with a view to facilitating their participation in future international competitions on IHL.

The participating teams   (see the list of participants below) for the 2007 competition have already been selected, and their preparation for the competition is underway.  
Where and when? 

In order to create ideal conditions for the students to train, learn and compete, the competition will be held during four full days on 3-7 December, 2007, at the Belmont Hotel in Kibbutz Tzuba (in central Israel).

The final event, held in English, in which the best teams will compete for 1st place, will take place in the Belmont Hotel Conference Room, on 6 December, 2007, and will be open to the public  (please see the invitation in English and Hebrew) . For additional information, please write to the ICRC Delegation
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