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Reporting on violence and emergencies: regional media conference for South-east and East Asia

05-10-2011 Event

The media of East Asia, South-east Asia and the Pacific have an important role to play in covering conflict, violence and the issues faced by vulnerable groups. At times, reporting on these situations puts the media's own safety at risk. Bringing together senior representatives of media organizations from the region, a conference hosted by the ICRC aims to advance discussion on these topics and facilitate the sharing of best practices and recommendations.

Event Info

Where: Manila, Philippines

When: 14.10.2011

The Manila declaration


From the conference: speeches and presentations



The Manila Declaration sets a new standard for reporting on violence and emergencies, feature



Insights from the senior editors' conference in Manila, photo gallery



Conference booklet

The 12-page conference booklet gives the background to the event, along with an overview of the programme, the speakers and contact details for the ICRC in Asia and elsewhere.



The discussion continues on Facebook and on ICRC's YouTube channel