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Our world. Your move. Events in Yemen.

03-07-2009 Event

Event Info

Where: Geneva

Yemen Red Crescent volunteers pose next to their favourite photos. 
The exhibition left no-one indifferent. 
“Hello? It's me. I’m at an exhibition. No, not an expedition, silly, an exhibition! Yes. It’s called ‘Humanity in War’. You’ve just got to come!” 


On 3 May, the ICRC and the Yemen Red Crescent Society opened the Humanity in War photo exhibition. The opening was followed by a press conference, attended by the major Yemeni print and broadcast media. A number of Yemen Red Crescent volunteers were asked to select their favourite photos and explain why they had chosen them. Once they had made their selections, they posed proudly beside the works they had selected. The exhibition was an unprecedented success, with the Aden and Taiz branches of the Red Crescent expressing an interest in holding the exhibition in their respective regions.  

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