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Lebanon: Nahr el-Bared, God willing

30-04-2011 Feature

In 2007 the Lebanese army shelled Nahr el-Bared, a Palestinian camp in northern Lebanon set up in 1949 following the first Palestinian exodus. The refugees fled the camp, settling "temporarily" in the Beddawi camp. Since 2010 they have been gradually returning to Nahr el-Bared, rekindling their lives amid the ruins, supported by international humanitarian aid. The young people get on with their lives and have their dreams, hopes, and disappointments. Being 20 years old is rarely easy, but in some parts of the world it's an unremitting struggle.

Amandine Colin, 22, Belgium, one of the winners of the ICRC's Young Reporter competition.



Amandine Colin
© ICRC / Ali Shahrour

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