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Philippines: youth in armed conflict

30-04-2011 Feature

Mariel García Montes visited the Philippines in January 2011 for the ICRC’s Young Reporter Competition. Her goal, she said, was "to teach myself, my Mum, and you about the lives of youth facing conflict there." She did this by observing the work of the ICRC and the Philippine Red Cross, especially in the region of Mindanao. She spent 12 days visiting communities where internally displaced persons have settled, a prosthetics centre, schools, impoverished barangays (villages) and various Red Cross chapters. She met with ICRC beneficiaries, young activists, professional project planners and local legends. All in all, she said, “those 12 days were filled with countless learning opportunities that I am happy to be able to share with you."

Mariel García Montes, 20, Mexico, one of the winners of the ICRC's Young Reporter competition.



Mariel García Montes
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