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Georgia: Families recover remains of relatives missing since 1992-1993 conflict

26-04-2013 Feature

The remains of two people who went missing in connection with the 1992-1993 armed conflict in Abkhazia were handed over to their families on 21 March 2013.

The handover took place under the auspices of the ICRC after the two individuals had been identified by means of a skeletal analysis involving an ICRC forensic specialist, plus genetic testing carried out abroad. Georgian officials were in attendance as the remains were placed in the care of the families.

"This handover was made possible by the bipartite coordination mechanism set up to deal with such issues. It is the first time the remains of someone who died during the 1992-1993 conflict have been identified under the mechanism," said Jelena Milosevic Lepotic, ICRC regional coordinator on the issue of missing persons. "We hope that this will be the first step in the long process of providing families with answers."

In accordance with its mandate, the ICRC serves as a neutral intermediary in connection with the exhumation, transfer, identification and handover of human remains.