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Angola: the scars of conflict

"From the Field" series

03-03-2006 Film Ref. V-F-CR-F-00895-V

Four years after the civil war in Angola ended, thousands of children are still separated from their families. 13 year old Teresa has had to look after her younger brothers and sister since their parents were killed in the conflict. The Red Cross has managed to locate their uncle who has agreed to take them in.

  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2006
  • Production locations: Angola
  • Running time: 8 minutes
  • Languages available: English, French
  • Type of product: DVD
  • Price: CHF 2.-
  • Reference: V-F-CR-F-00895-V

Designed for TV broadcast, the From the Field series is available in French as well as English and international versions, and in a variety
of formats.