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Colombia: searching for safety

"From the Field" series

27-02-2007 Film Ref. V-F-CR-F-00936-V2

Colombia has been ravaged by over four decades of armed conflict. An estimated three million people have fled violence in the countryside. In this film, we meet Carmen, Maria and Anna who have moved to Bogota in search of safety. They survive, despite their minimal income and the constant fear of further violence, receiving some help from the ICRC's emergency assistance programme.

Image of the DVD cover
  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2007
  • Production locations: Colombia
  • Running time: 8 min
  • Languages available: English, French
  • Type of product: DVD
  • Price: CHF 2.-
  • Reference: V-F-CR-F-00936-V2

Designed for TV broadcast, the From the Field series is available in French, English and international versions, and in a variety of formats