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Haiti: the search for Saïda

12-05-2010 Film Ref. CR-F-01059-W

After the earthquake thousands of families began searching for their loved ones, unsure whether they were dead or alive. When 9 year old Saïda was dug out of the rubble, she was taken to a hospital in the capital Port-au-Prince and then transferred for further treatment in Guadeloupe. But her mother, Salvanie did not know that her daughter had left the country. In desperation she contacted the ICRC for help. Saïda was tracked down staying with a host family in Guadeloupe and finally made the journey home to her family.

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  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2010
  • Production locations: Haiti
  • Running time: 4'30 min
  • Reference: CR-F-01059-W