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Myanmar: ICRC to close its Yangon office

16-06-1995 News Release 95/25

Geneva (ICRC) - Following several years of discussions with the authorities of the Union of Myanmar, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) made an offer of services to the Yangon government on 27 May 1994 requesting access to security detainees  in the country. The SLORC ( State Law and Order Restoration Council) sent its reply to the ICRC on 21 March 1995. This reply was not satisfactory, as it took no account of the customary procedures for visits to places of detention followed by the ICRC in all the countries where it conducts such activities.

Since that time  the ICRC has tried to persuade the SLORC to reconsider its position, but in vain. The institution therefore submitted a memorandum to the authorities on 16 June 1995 acknowledging the failure of the negotiations and announcing that it would close its office in Yangon during the course of July 1995.

The ICRC also informed the SLORC that it was prepared to resume the dialogue on a constructive basis as soon as the Myanmar authorities invited it to do so.