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Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Provisional annotated agenda


Geneva, 1 and 2 December 1995

 I. Elections, agenda and procedural matters  

 "The Council shall meet on the occasion of each International Conference, prior to the opening of the Conference" (Article 15, paragraph 1, of the Movement's Statutes). The convening of the Council before the International Conference requires no special request by any of the Movement's components or decision by any statutory body.  

 1. Opening of the meeting by the Chairman of the Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent  

 "In conformity with Rule 26 paragraph 2 of the Rules of Procedure of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the Chairman of the Standing Commission shall chair the opening meeting until the Chairman of the Council has been elected" .

 2. Election of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretaries of the Council of Delegates  

 "In addition to the election of its Chairman and Vice-Chairman from among its members, the Council shall elect secretaries" (Rule 26, paragraph 3).  

  As regards the choice of Chairman, the Movement's Statutes specify that "the Council and the General Assembly of the Federation, as well as the International Conference when it is convened, shall be chaired by different persons".  

 3. Adoption of the agenda  

 The Chairman submits to the Council the provisional agenda drawn up by the Standing Commission (Article 18, paragraph 4 b), of the Movement's Statutes). Once it has been adopted, the agenda becomes final.  

 II. Substantive items  

 4. 26th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent  

 4.1 Proposals for the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary General and two Assistant Secretaries General of the International Conference (proposals for the Chairmen and rapporteurs of the plenary Commissions)  

    Article 14, paragraph 2 a), of the Movement Statutes provides that the Council shall "propose to the Conference the persons to fill the posts mentioned in Article 11, paragraph 3", namely a Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, a Secretary General, Assistant Secretaries General and other officers of the Conference.  

  At the 25th International Conference it was decided to elect two Vice-Chairmen, but their number is not limited.  

  The other Conference officers to be proposed by the Council are the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and rapporteur(s) of each of the two plenary Commissions which are meant to share between them the work of the Conference. Each Commission elects its own Drafting Committee, independently of any proposals made by the Council.  

 4.2 Adoption of the provisional agenda  

  Article 14, paragraph 2 b), of the Movement's Statutes provides that the Council shall "adopt the provisional agenda of the Conference".  

  This means that the Council is responsible for approving and, if necessary amending the agenda of the Conference. This procedure is designed to facilitate the work of the Conference by enabling it to spend as little time as possible on matters of procedure and to attend without delay to substantive questions on its agenda.  

 Requests for amendments and additions to the agenda of the Conference are usually submitted under this item.  

  The adoption of its agenda does not require an express decision by the Conference. It is not customary for this item to be placed on the agenda of the first plenary session. As provided in Rule 6, paragraph 2, of the Movement's Rules of Procedure, "observations, amendments or additions to the provisional agenda must be received by the Standing Commission at least sixty days before the opening of the Conference, unless the Standing Commission agrees to a later date".  

 5 . Commission on the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Peace  

    The final report of the Commission on the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Peace (see Resolutions 1 and 12, Council of Delegates, Birmingham 1993) will summarize the Commission's work accomplished during its reunions subsequent to the Council of Delegates (October 1993). A synopsis of the conclusions reached by the Commission on the basis of the mandate attributed to it by the Council of Delegates of 1991, Budapest (Resolution 3) and which was specified at the Council of Delegates held in Birmingham, 1993 will explain the way in which it completed the work conferred to it. Specific points to be developed will be the contribution of the Movement in relation to respect for the more specific rights of the child and the actions of the National Societies in the prevention of problems where minorities are involved .

  In its final report, the Commission will present its conclusions and recommendations related to the future contribution of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to Peace.  

 6. Future of the Movement : Report of the Policy Planning and Advisory Commission established by Resolution 1/1993  

 This item covers one of the most important subject which will be dealt with at the Council of Delegates.  

 The Resolution 1 of the 1993 Council set up a Policy Planning and Advisory Commission and required it to report to the forthcoming Council. The report will be represented by the Chairman of the Commission on behalf of its twelve members, drawn from National Societies, from the Federation and from the ICRC. It will give an account of the deliberations of the Commission in the six meetings it has held, and contains recommendations in respect of the mandate given to it by Resolution 1/93 of the 1993 Council.  

 At this stage one can say that several consultations with National Societies representatives took place at various levels and on different occasions. National Societies shall examine the report with attention taking into account that on the basis of the discussions, decisions shall be adopted and taken into consideration when discussing the future of the Movement.  

 7. Information policy of the Movement - themes for the world RC/RC day for 1996 and 1997  

 The ICRC and the International Federation are trying together with National Societies, through a participatory process, to update the present Information Policy of the Movement.  

  The question of new themes for World RC/RC Day is being discussed together with the International Policy of the Movement.  

  Relevant information concerning these questions will be communicated to all National Societies in due time before the General Assembly of the International Federation and the Council of Delegates.  

 8. Ceremony of award of the Henry Dunant Medal  

 The Henry Dunant Medal, which recognizes outstanding services and acts of great devotion to the cause of the Movement, is awarded every two years by decision of the Standing Commission. The medals are presented by the Chairman of the Standing Commission at a plenary meeting of the Council of Delegates.  

 9. Activity report of the Henry Dunant Institute  

 This item is traditionally included on the Council's agenda . A Report will be presented.  

 10. Miscellaneous  

 11. Date and place of the next Council of Delegates  

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