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Geneva: ICRC's financial situation

08-02-1996 News Release 96/5

Despite cash flow problems announced a few months ago, the ICRC closed its 1995 accounts with a deficit of no more than 8 million Swiss francs for its field operations. Its 1996 field budget provides for expenditure of 570 million francs. The ICRC remains concerned about its financing in the years to come and has taken certain measures to broaden its donor base, as was announced by the head of the ICRC's External Resources Department, Mr Christian Kornevall, at a press conference in Geneva on 7 February.

The volume of the ICRC's operational commitments for 1996 is similar to last year's: Africa remains the largest theatre of operations (276 million francs), followed by Asia (88 million) and Central Europe (73 million). Within these three zones, Rwanda (79 million), former Yugoslavia (66 million) and Afghanistan (45 million) top the list of needs.