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Anti-personnel mines: international poll: public opinion largely in favour of total ban

24-04-1996 News Release 96/16

A poll conducted free of charge for the ICRC by institutes associated with the Gallup International group and Isopublic Zürich has shown that public opinion in 21 countries selected from four continents is largely in favour of a ban on anti-personnel mines. Denmark ranks first with 92% of favourable replies (out of 1,009 people questioned), followed by Spain (89%), Austria, Italy and Switzerland (88%), Russia (83%) and India (82%). The " least favourable " results were obtained in the United States (60%) and Japan (58%). " Our campaign against anti-personnel mines has not yet been launched in those countries, " explained Johanne Dorais-Slakmon at ICRC headquarters in Geneva, " and this relatively weak support may change appreciably when the States in question have expressed their views at the Review Conference of the 1980 Convention, which is now meeting in Geneva with a view to strengthening existing rules on the use of anti-personnel mines " .