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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: law of war for the Armed Forces

11-07-1996 News Release 96/27

The ICRC and the Ministry of Defence of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have just concluded a cooperation agreement for the training of Yugoslav army officers in the field of international humanitarian  law, also known as the law of war. The document was signed by Pavle Bulatovic, Federal Minister of Defence, and François Bellon, head of the ICRC delegation in the country, during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence on 3 July.

The framework agreement covers a renewable period of five years, during which the ICRC will assist the Federal Ministry of Defence in organizing training sessions for military and civilian personnel of the Yugoslav armed forces. It also provides for other activities aimed at disseminating the law, such as the joint publication of educational materials and participation of members of the Yugoslav armed forces in international seminars on the subject.

" Spreading knowledge of international humanitarian law is an integral part of the ICRC's mandate as initiator and guardian of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols " , said François Bellon. " In the post-war era, such activities must be expanded to enhance awareness of these vital rules " .

Now that the agreement has been signed, an ICRC specialist will be going to Belgrade to set up, together with the Federal Ministry of Defence, an appropriate training programme, which is due to be introduced in the last quarter of 1996.