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119 Million...

23-10-1996 News Release 96/42

On 18 October, a public-interest TV spot produced by the ICRC for its campaign against anti-personnel landmines won first prize at an international competition in Amsterdam, held on the occasion of the 16th International Fundraising Workshop in which about 400 humanitarian organizations took part. The spot is designed to alert public opinion to the indescribable suffering endured by the victims of landmines, by giving figures for the mines likely to kill or maim innocent civilians over the next few years. It has been translated into five languages and broadcast by the major satellite networks and TV stations in 24 countries. At present, some 119 million anti-personnel mines lie scattered in more than 70 countries, not counting the new ones laid every day. The information campaign launched by the ICRC at the end of 1995 is being continued in the hope of stigmatizing landmines and putting an end to this scourge.