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Republic of Congo: Daily supplies ferried across river Congo

23-07-1997 News Release 97/28

Every day, six ICRC delegates cross the Congo on barges loaded with food and medical supplies from Kinshasa for people in Brazzaville.

Congolese Red Cross staff accompany the delegates on their rounds. To the north of the city the number of displaced persons has been estimated at 60,000. There are also 2,000 Rwandan refugees, including about 100 unaccompanied children, in the Bilolo camp 30 km north of the capital, and some 25,000 displaced people in more than 80 locations to the south. In addition, the ICRC is bringing aid to the 10,000 displaced who have taken refuge on islands between the two cities.

Supplying all these people with drinking water and providing support for medical facilities are also top priorities. Latrines are being installed to prevent disease, and experts are repairing water reservoirs damaged in the fighting.