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Albania: Chlorine to reduce health hazard

21-08-1997 News Release 97/32

To prevent contamination of the water supply, a risk which increases during the hot summer months of August and September and can pose a serious health threat to the population, the ICRC has donated 52 tonnes of chlorine to the Albanian water authority.

The consignment will ensure uninterrupted supplies of safe drinking water throughout the country for more than two months. It was dispatched in response to a request from the water authority, which has been cut off from its normal sources of supply during the recent unrest in the country, and is intended as a stopgap until the Albanian authorities are able to take over. 

This is the second delivery of chlorine since the launch of the joint Albanian Red Cross/ICRC emergency assistance programme. In mid-May, 50 kits for testing chlorine levels and 22 tonnes of chlorine were handed over. " If the population has no access to clean water, standards of hygiene deteriorate and this often leads to the spread of disease " , said Jean-Marie Falzoni, ICRC Relief Coordinator for Albania.