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Afghanistan: Food reaches Bamiyan

09-01-1998 News Release 98/01

This week a ninth ICRC truck reached the encircled region of Bamiyan, some 250 km north-west of Kabul, bringing food to some 2,000 particularly needy families in this mountainous area of Afghanistan. The assistance was necessary because of an extremely harsh winter and the effects of the long-drawn-out conflict. Over the past month nearly 120  tonnes of food have been sent to Bamiyan, supplementing the 400 tonnes of potatoes purchased locally for distribution.

Because of the turbulent events in the north, the situation in the entire northern and central portions of Afghanistan is highly volatile and the ICRC delegation has been exercising caution in dispatching relief supplies. It was feared that any large convoys might be attacked and looted by armed groups operating in the area, so the delegation arranged with Afghan traders to have the trucks travel one by one over the hazardous roads of the Hindu Kush mountains. With the arrival of the ninth vehicle, nearly all the relief supplies for needy families in Bamiyan have reached their destination safely. Others will follow, but don't tell anyone!