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Republic of the Congo: ICRC provides 5,700 families with seed

06-07-2000 News Release 00/25

The ICRC has started a programme that will enable families in Congo-Brazzaville to grow their own vegetables. Some 5,700 families in the Pool and Lekoumou regions – many of whom have recently returned to the homes they fled during the fighting – have been given tomato, cabbage and onion seed. Not only will the vegetables ensure a healthier diet, but it is hoped that the families will be able to sell any surplus produce. 

As the situation slowly returns to normal, the ICRC has been doing its part to improve the nation's health. Having helped the national and regional health authorities to reopen 18medical centres, many of which required extensive repairs, it is now supplying these centres with essential drugs. In addition, the ICRC has recently completed a programme in Kindamba to feed around 400 severely and 1,100 moderately malnourished people.