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Sudan: First law of war course for Sudanese Air Force officers

05-04-2001 News Release 01/13

As part of a programme to incorporate international humanitarian law into the training of the Sudanese armed forces, 40 Sudanese Air Force officers – mainly fighter pilots – attended a law of war course in Khartoum at the end of March. The course was organized by the ICRC delegation in Sudan and given by an Indian instructor specialized in this type of training.

The seminar – the first of its kind for the Sudanese Air Force – examined humanitarian law issues, focusing on the rules of air warfare and the responsibilities of commanders. Participants carried out practical exercises related to air attack and defence, familiarizing themselves with the law as it affects air operations and studying the importance of correct military conduct.

At the closing ceremony, the new Commander of the Sudanese Air Force – in his first public appearance since taking up this post – expressed his support for the inclusion of international humanitarian law in air force training and his commitment to ensuring that all Air Force personnel applied the law.