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ICRC publishes second edition of the "Book of Missing Persons in Kosovo"

10-04-2001 News Release

Belgrade (ICRC) - Following publication of the first Book of Missing Persons in Kosovo in June 2000, families wishing to report their missing relatives have continued to approach the ICRC and the local Red Cross. As a result, an updated edition of the book has been published, listing 3,525 people reported missing in Kosovo between January 1998 and April 2001 (including the 3,368 names already published in the first issue).

The names of missing people – who come from all the ethnic communities in Kosovo – are listed both in chronological order of disappearance and alphabetically, along with the date and place of their families’ last contact with them. The book is available at all Red Cross offices in the region, at the offices of the civil administration in Kosovo and on the ICRC Website ( ), and is aimed at generating information that could help families find out what has happened to their relatives. At the same time, it serves as a reminder to the authorities – and to society as a whole – of their responsibility towards the anguished families.

The ICRC continues to stress that under international humanitarian law families have the right to know what has happened to their loved ones. It urges the authorities, both in Belgrade and in Pristina, to take swift action to shed light on the disappearances. At the same time, it pledges its continued support for the families in their long and painful quest for answers.