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Afghanistan: ICRC starts third round of distributions in Kabul

28-02-2002 News Release 02/09

The ICRC has begun distributing a third round of winter supplies to 5,000 families in the densely populated districts of southern Kabul. Each family will be receiving 10 litres of diesel, two bags of charcoal, one tarpaulin and two blankets.

A convoy of 20 trucks hired by the ICRC arrived with tarpaulins and blankets from Pakistan a day before the start of Eid al-Adha, a Muslim religious holiday. " Because of the holiday, we had to wait three days before unloading the trucks, " said Jean-Marc Molliet, the ICRC's logistics coordinator for Afghanistan. Some 40 local people were mobilized to do this job as quickly as possible after the holiday ended.

The ICRC has already distributed two rounds of supplies to 10,000 families this winter. The beneficiaries were destitute and internally displaced people, families with disabled breadwinners and households headed by women.

In this third round, which will continue until mid-March, diesel is being provided instead of " sandalys " (a sandaly is a low table placed in the centre of the room with a slow-burning charcoal fire underneath). " With spring approaching, people prefer diesel, which can be used both for heating and cooking, " said the ICRC engineer in charge of the operation.