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ICRC-News meets the e-Age

28-11-2002 News Release 02/48

As of January 2003, ICRC-News as you know it will change: the weekly bulk dispatch will be replaced by continuum.

Items illustrating and explaining the ICRC's operational activities as well as the institution's concerns will be posted on the ICRC web site ( as soon as they are received. This means that our readers will be able to obtain this information more rapidly and more constantly than before. Our aim is indeed to provide all those who follow ICRC developments closely with a service that is as close to real time as possib le. This also means that there may be a slight time discrepancy between the various language versions of the ICRC web since we will post the news item on arrival in the language in which it was written even before other translations are ready (these of course will be posted subsequently).

Media organisations, National Societies and other usual readers will receive the bulletins by e-mail as before although the dispatches will again be done as per arrival and not according to the old weekly format.

In due course, the ICRC's web page has ambitions of becoming more of a user-friendly media tool. We hope to be able to increasingly post high definition (down-loadable) photos that may be used freely providing the ICRC copyright caption is referenced. Also, there will be a systematic inclusion of phone numbers of persons who may be contacted by members of the media seeking further information regarding a particular item.

Naturally, we recognise that not everybody everywhere has access to advanced information technology. Nor does everybody need a rolling provision of in-coming ICRC-News items, perhaps even the op posite. For this reason, the present ICRC-News team is asking those who would still wish to receive ICRC-News in the old fax format (weekly, by language) to re-register themselves with us by either sending an e-mail to, or a fax to M. Philippe Maire (++ 00 22 730 734 82 80). Otherwise, for all our other subscribers, as of January 2003, access to ICRC information will be done electronically (please make sure we have your e-contacts !).

Should you require more information, or wish to make suggestions, please contact Kim Gordon-Bates on either or by phone: ++ 41 730 25 50.

Thanking you in advance for your continued support.

Kim Gordon-Bates

ICRC-News editor