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Russian Federation: Ten years of ICRC presence in the Northern Caucasus

22-07-2003 News Release 03/84

From its sub-delegation in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the ICRC is conducting a large-scale humanitarian operation in the Northern Caucasus. Over 350 people are currently working for the organization in the region, and approximately 100 of them are based in Nalchik.

Supporting essential infrastructure in Chechnya and neighbouring republics is a priority task. This year the ICRC has already renovated parts of Shali hospital; helped set up a limb-fitting centre in Grozny; provided drugs and assistance to 10 major hospitals in Chechnya, one in Dagestan and one in Ingushetia; supported the Grozny water board and arranged for the village of Voznesenskaya (Ingushetia) to be connected to the water system. The ICRC is also visiting people detained in connection with the violence in Chechnya and is endeavouring to promote respect for the civilian population through confidential dialogue with the authorities. Finally, the ICRC is supporting Russian Red Cross social assistance programmes in the Northern Caucasus and southern Russia.

The head of the ICRC sub-delegation in the Northern Caucasus met the Kabardino-Balkaria authorities on 17 July in Nalchik, and expressed his satisfaction at the level of support for ICRC work in the region and the cooperation it has received. Support from the local authorities over the last 10 years has enabled the ICRC to help thousands of people and to cope with a number of difficult situations.

In this region, as in others, the ICRC can succeed only if all concerned accept its activities and support its efforts.

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