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Indonesia: PMI brings aid to the people of Ambon, Moluccas Island

06-05-2004 News Release 04/61

Geneva (ICRC) – Despite the volatility of the situation in Ambon and the surrounding area, the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia – PMI) has been working to bring humanitarian aid to the population.

During the night of Monday 26 April, PMI headquarters in Jakarta flew around 50 units of blood and 600 blood bags to Ambon through the organization’s South Sulawesi chapter to help meet the urgent need for fresh blood.


In addition, on 2 May, PMI distributed emergency medical supplies provided by the ICRC to hospitals serving all communities affected by the recent violence. PMI headquarters and the Maluku chapter continue to assess the need for further humanitarian aid and, together with the ICRC, maintain stocks of various supplies which are ready to be sent.


 For further information, please contact:  

 Martin Unternaehrer, ICRC Jakarta, tel. ++62 217 207 252 or ++62 811 138 375