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Restoring family links – project bulletin No. 1


In December 2004, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement launched a project to develop its work on restoring family links. The aim is to meet the humanitarian needs of people separated from their families. Project Bulletin No. 1 explains the main phases of creating a strategy for the coming ten years.

In December 2003, the 28th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent adopted the Agenda for Humanitarian Action , reflecting the theme and the objective of the Conference: Protecting human dignity . The agenda sets objectives for States and for the components of the Movement, together with measures they can take to ‘protect human dignity.’
One of the issues on the Agenda is that of people missing as a result of armed conflict or other situations of armed violence, and the needs of their families.
So on the basis of that agenda, the ICRC has launched an international initiative to enhance the existing Red Cross/Red Crescent family news network over the coming decade. The project will develop the tracing capacity of the National Societies and the Movement as a whole, and forms part of an international plan of action on missing persons and their families. The aim is to create a dynamic tracing network that will bring quick and efficient help to families split up by armed conflict, other situations of violence or natural disaster.