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ICRC visits serbs held by croatian and bosnian authorities

10-08-1995 News Release 95/38

Geneva (ICRC) - On 9 August teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited 353 Croatian Serbs detained by the Croatian authorities following the recent military operations. They are being held in six different places of detention in Croatia. All were registered by delegates and had an opportunity to write Red Cross messages to their families.

On 8 August delegates visited 107 Croatian Serb combatants taken prisoner by Bosnian forces around the town of Bihac. They too were able to write family messages.

The detainees were interviewed in private by the delegates, who will regularly repeat the visits. Apart from providing reassurance to the detainees and their families, these visits afford the persons protection and ensure that they are treated in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law.