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Burundi: water for survival

01-11-1995 News Release 44

In a country constantly hovering on the brink of further human tragedy, the ICRC is responding to one of the population's most urgent needs. In October ICRC teams provided some 40,000 people on the Imbo plain north of the capital Bujumbura with 800,000 litres of drinking water. The water supply system in this region, formerly the country's " rice basket " , has been completely destroyed during Burundi's protracted and bloody interethnic crisis.

The ICRC hopes soon to expand its water distribution project to cover about 100,000 people in the area, but its operations are seriously hampered by continuing security problems: on 28 October one of its tanker trucks was damaged by an anti-personnel landmine. Since then, it has been trying to obtain assurances from the various parties involved that humanitarian workers and equipment will not be attacked or otherwise hindered in their activities.