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Liberia: ICRC compelled to withdraw Monrovia delegation

12-04-1996 News Release 96/13

Geneva (ICRC) - On Friday 12 April the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) decided to withdraw the four expatriate delegates still present in its Monrovia premises. Because of the total anarchy reigning in the centre of the city, the delegation found it impossible to continue its activities for victims of the conflict. The ICRC, one of the last organizations to remain operational in the Mamba Point district of the capital, was unfortunately not spared the wave of looting that has swept the area. It had to transfer the casualties being treated at the delegation to a Liberian hospital outside the town centre.

In the extreme violence now holding sway in Monrovia, the ICRC is forced to recognize that there is no longer any authority that has the power or the will to ensure respect for the most basic rules governing conduct in time of armed conflict. It fears the worst for the city's civilian population.

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