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Three ICRC delegates killed in Burundi

04-06-1996 News Release 96/20

Geneva (ICRC) - Two vehicles of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) came under fire on Tuesday, 4 June, about 4 p.m. local time, near the village of Mugina, in the Burundi's northern province of Cibitoke, as they were returning to the capital Bujumbura. Three ICRC delegates  -  Reto Neuenschwander, aged 39, Juan Ruffino, aged 36, and Cédric Martin, aged 32  -  were killed during the attack.

The population of Cibitoke  -  an area particularly hard hit by the fighting  -  is in great need humanitarian action, and the ICRC is assisting tens of thousands of people there by providing drinking water, medicines and other essential items.

The International Committee would like to convey its profound sympathy to the families of the three delegates, who gave their lives for the ideal of solidarity with the victims of the conflict in Burundi. The ICRC is extremely shocked by this tragedy and strongly condemns the attack, with its flagrant failure to respect the red cross emblem.

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