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Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement reaffirms attachment to its emblems

27-11-1997 News Release 97/33

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement expressed today a strong attachment to its emblems. Meeting in Seville, the Council of Delegates unanimously adopted a resolution emphasizing the value and widespread recognition of the red crescent and red cross.

While confirming the continued use of the two symbols, the Council decided to pursue consultations with Governments and National Societies to find a solution for those situations where the red cross and red crescent are not perceived as being neutral.

Addressing these sensitive situations is crucial for the Movement and, above all, for the protection of victims and of the humanitarian workers who assist them, stressed the Chairman of the Standing Commission, presenting a report on the emblem. The report excludes the abandoning of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems and presents feasible possibilities. 

The Council of Delegates urged all States and the components of the Movement to take concrete action to ensure greater respect for the emblems and for all those who are victims of conflict and disaster.

In Geneva, in 1995, the Council of Delegates asked to prepare a report on the question of the emblem, which was presented today in Seville. The Council, which meets every two years, includes representatives from the National Societies, the ICRC and the International Federation. The Standing Commission is the coordinating body of the Movement and a link with Governments.

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