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Indonesia: National Society hard at work during violent clashes in Jakarta

19-11-1998 News Release 98/46

During the violent clashes in Jakarta last week, in which 15 people were reported to have died and hundreds more to have been injured, 70 members of the Indonesian Red Cross Society treated 185 wounded on the spot and evacuated 174 others by ambulance to the eight nearest hospitals.

Starting on 10 November seven mobile health teams, working from ambulances and linked by radio to a crisis centre set up by the Indonesian Red Cross, provided first aid for the wounded at trouble spots throughout the capital. The crisis centre mobilized volunteers to man the ambulances while the National Society's permanent staff coordinated the operations and organized emergency blood collections. Among the volunteers were students who set up first aid posts at three universities in Jakarta.

During the periods of relative calm, mobile teams from the Indonesian Red Cross visited the hospitals and drew up lists of the victims so as to be able to help families looking for injured relatives. Eleven families benefited from this service.

The ICRC assisted the National Society by providing medical supplies. Although none of the volunteers suffered injuries, four vehicles were slightly damaged. The cost of repairing them was covered by the ICRC, which continues to support the National Society in its efforts to promote greater respect for the red cross emblem.