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Kenya: Health facilities handed over

26-11-1998 News Release 98/47

Last week the ICRC and the Kenya Red Cross Society handed over to the local authorities a health centre in Kamarauwa and a dispensary in Cengalo, both in the Rift Valley province. This was part of a broader project designed to help resettle people displaced by ethnic violence that had erupted in the province in 1992.

The two facilities were rehabilitated by community members, using materials provided by the ICRC. In order to provide clean water for both the facilities and the population at large, a borehole was drilled at the dispensary and two others at the health centre, where solar power transformers were installed to supply electricity. 

" The two communities have shown a lot of initiative in helping themselves and that's why the project has been so successful " , said Vincent Nicod, head of the ICRC regional delegation in Nairobi. The facilities serve a total of 56,000 people, who previously had to walk very long distances to receive the most basic health care.

" This is just the beginning " , said Joshua Ng'elu, Secretary-General of the Kenya Red Cross. " The local authorities now have to make sure they keep up these facilities so that people can use them for a long time. "