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Sudan: ICRC course at infantry school

22-04-1999 News Release 99/16

Officers and men of the Sudanese army have attended a series of presentations on the basics of the law of armed conflict. These were prepared by the ICRC and the Sudanese Red Crescent and held from 8 to 13 April.

In all, 28 officers from a range of training units, 80 company commanders and 210 non-commissioned officers attended the courses at the infantry school located in Jebeid, a garrison town founded more than 70 years ago by the Italians as a support base for their war in Ethiopia. Most sessions were conducted by a retired Sudanese military judge and a retired German army colonel, both members of the ICRC's pool of training officers.

Meanwhile, commanders of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army in the Upper Nile and Bahr el Gazal regions are attending a similar course this week in Tonj. In November of last year, a three-day course in humanitarian law was held for 27 senior officers at the Command and Staff College in Khartoum. Similar courses are planned in April and early May for the Southern Sudan Defence Forces (allied with the government of Sudan).

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