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Kenya: Vehicles dispatched to support operations in Afghanistan

15-11-2001 News Release 01/45

A convoy of five trucks and 10 four-wheel-drive vehicles left the ICRC’s Nairobi logistics centre on 13 November en route to Pakistan. The vehicles, worth some US$ 750,000, are due to be shipped out of Mombasa for Karachi on Friday. ICRC Nairobi is also preparing a shipment of medical supplies for more than 1,000 hospitalized victims of war wounds in Afghanistan. Medicines and other supplies worth about US$ 82,000 will be flown to countries bordering Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Support from the Nairobi logistics centre is increasingly important for the organization's relief operations in Central Asia. The ICRC is currently in a position to assist 540,000 Afghans with three-month food rations and 60,000 people with shelter materials. Sufficient supplies are also available to cover the basic health-care needs of 140,000 people for more than three months. Throughout the conflict the ICRC has been able to provide limited support to some 25 hospitals in Afghanistan while its staff have continued to treat patients in six limb-fitting and rehabilitation centres.

The Nairobi logistics centre – the largest ICRC structure of its kind in the world – provided the Afghanistan relief operation with about US$ 700,000 worth of relief supplies in October. Included in that shipment were 40,000 blankets made and purchased in Kenya. The logistics support for Afghanistan will not affect continuing ICRC work in many parts of Africa itself.