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ICRC condemns bomb attacks on civilians

10-05-2002 News Release 02/29

Geneva (ICRC) – In recent months, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has grown increasingly appalled by events in Israel and the occupied territories. The cycle of attacks against civilian targets and military operations that cause civilian losses has provoked suffering, despair and outrage on all sides.
The ICRC has from the very beginning warned about the human cost of armed violence and repeatedly called for both Palestinian and Israeli civilians to be spared. Attacks against civilians can never be justified under any circumstances.
The ICRC unreservedly condemns the latest bomb attacks against Israeli civilians, such as the one in Richon-le-Zion. All represent inhuman acts that no degree of desperation can excuse.
The ICRC also calls upon the Israeli authorities to take full account of the impact on civilians of any military operations.