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North Korea: ICRC launched programme for amputees

18-07-2002 News Release 02/29

The ICRC launched an amputee rehabilitation programme in North Korea. In Songrim, some 30 kilometres south of the capital Pyongyang, a building that houses a new prosthetic centre was inaugurated at a ceremony on 16 July following a three-month renovation.


ICRC/   Krakolinig P., Ref. KP-N-00001-01
Finishing touches on a prosthesis. 06/11/2002 
ICRC/   Krakolinig P., Ref. KP-N-00001-02
Polypropylen technique, making a stump socket.   06/11/2002 


Meanwhile, the training of 12 local staff, who will produce artificial limbs and teach amputees to walk again, is continuing apace. The centre is expected to produce up to 1,000 prostheses during the first year.

Under an agreement signed in March with the North Korean authorities, the ICRC will carry out the programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health and the Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is estimated that some 11,0 00 people are in need of physical rehabilitation in North Korea, where economic difficulties have led to severe cutbacks in medical and social services.

ICRC/   Krakolinig P., Ref. KP-N-00001-05
Andrew Nuss, ICRC prosthetist/orthotist, instructs a trainee.   06/11/2002