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Jordan: Law of armed conflict course for navy

18-07-2002 News Release 02/29

A group of 15 officers from Jordan's Royal Naval Force recently attended a special course on the law of armed conflict organized by the ICRC delegation in Amman. The course took place from 7 to 15 July in Jordan's only seaport, the southern city of Aqaba on the Red Sea.

The ICRC team included a retired rear admiral who shared his knowledge and experience, particularly with respect to the application of the law of armed conflict at sea, acquired during a 40-year career. The course programme included theoretical and practical case studies, and covered subjects such as the development of the law of naval warfare, methods and means of naval warfare, the law of armed conflict and contemporary naval conflicts, maritime neutrality, the conduct of operations and naval exercises.

The Commander of the Royal Naval Force and his Second-in-Command were present at the opening and closing ceremonies.

This course, the first of its kind in the Royal Naval Force, was given in accordance with a Jordan Armed Forces decision to spread knowledge of the law of armed conflict among its different units. Its purpose was to incorporate the basic principles of this body of law in the training programme and also in the planning and conduct of military operations carried out by the Royal Naval Force, so as to maximize the protection and minimize the number of potential victims in the event of armed conflict.

" I have never had such an opportunity before " , said one of the officers taking part in the course. " Here I can learn and discuss the rules of the law of armed conflict with my colleagues and the instructors in an open and transparent environment. " As the course drew to a close, many of the participants asked if it would be offered to other officers. This encouraged the Naval Command to recommend that more such courses be given and that the officers who have already attended the course take part in instructing the others.