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Russian Federation: Humanitarian law seminars for cadet schools

13-12-2002 News Release 02/50

In mid-November and early December the ICRC held two seminars, one in Krasnoyarsk and the other in Moscow, for directors of the Russian Federation's cadet schools.

This is the first time that cadet school directors have received an in-depth briefing on ICRC programmes to raise awareness of international humanitarian law. It was particularly important to hold these seminars as many graduates will eventually take up military careers.

In all, around 60 people attended the seminars, both of which lasted two days. The first day was devoted to presentations on humanitarian law delivered by ICRC staff, and the second day to group work on educational issues of mutual interest. The seminars managed to cover nearly all the 37 officially registered cadet schools in the Russian Federation. The Krasnoyarsk branch of the Russian Red Cross was actively involved in organizing the seminar for schools situated east of the Urals.

Cadet schools, which are under the authority of the Ministry of Education, have only recently been set up in the Russian Federation. The seminars should open up additional opportunities for raising public awareness of humanitarian law at school level.

 Further information: Dmitry Polikanov, ICRC Moscow, tel.: ++ 7095 926 54 26 (from Switzerland)  

 or ++ 7502 220 26 16 (from other countries)