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Rwanda: New photo album of children seeking their parents

24-06-2003 News Release 03/75

The ICRC has published a new album containing 900 photos of young children who have been repatriated to Rwanda from neighbouring countries and who are unable to supply the information needed to trace their families.

Parents who have been separated from their children since 1997 are invited to consult this publication, which is available at all ICRC offices and in some provincial or district offices and health centres. Anyone who recognizes a child in one of these photos is urged to inform the parents or the nearest ICRC office.

This is the sixth photo album published by the ICRC, the previous one dating from October 2001. Launched in 1996, the photo-tracing programme focuses on children under seven years of age who are unable to provide basic information about their families. It also includes a group of older children who are suffering the psychological effects of trauma.

Publishing these photo albums has proved to be an effective means of tracing the families of unaccompanied children. Thanks to the first five albums, 1,324 of the 2,094 children on the waiting list have now been reunited with their families.

One of the main objectives of ICRC activities in Rwanda over the past nine years has been to bring together members of families who have been separated by the conflict, especially unaccompanied children and their relatives.

Since 1994, nearly 70,000 Rwandan children have been reunited with their families in the Great Lakes region, more than 19,000 of them by the ICRC.

 Further information:  

 Pascal Jéquier, ICRC Kigali, tel. ++250 577 344