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Bolivia: Assistance for hospitals and Bolivian Red Cross

22-10-2003 News Release 03/131

On 18 October the unrest in Bolivia subsided, leaving more than 70 people dead and around 500 wounded. El Alto, a city outside La Paz where the fighting had claimed many victims, was also calm. At the end of the weekend some 150 people were still being treated in hospitals, the others having been sent home after receiving first aid.

On 17 and 18 October the ICRC made three flights from Lima, the capital of neighbouring Peru, using a plane provided by the Peruvian authorities. Around eight tonnes of medical and first-aid supplies, including dressing material, IV kits, disinfectant, surgical instruments, blood bags, dextrose and sodium chloride, were later distributed by the ICRC’s regional delegate and Bolivian Red Cross staff and volunteers to the main hospitals in La Paz and the Bolivian Red Cross ambulance services, whose reserves had been depleted by the influx of patients.

To meet remaining needs, the ICRC plans to fly additional surgical and first-aid material to La Paz from Europe via Peru.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Roland Sidler, ICRC Geneva, tel.: ++ 4122 730 2045