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Iraq: Emergency medical aid reaches Najaf

12-08-2004 News Release 04/94

The ICRC has provided three tonnes of emergency medical and surgical aid to the holy city of Najaf, following an escalation of the fighting there. The supplies include anaesthetics, painkillers, fluid for intravenous drips, antibiotics, drains and sutures.

The aid, which was supplied in cooperation with the Baghdad health department, will help cover the needs of 200 surgical patients. Five ambulances and a truck carried part of the aid to Al-Hakim Hospital and delivered the rest to the Najaf health department, which will distribute it to other medical centres in the city.

The ICRC is deeply concerned about the growing violence in various parts of Iraq, such as Kut, Baghdad (Sadr City), Samara, Fallujah and Najaf. Fighting in these heavily populated areas is leading to a rise in the number of civilian casualties and is hampering basic services.

The ICRC stresses the need to spare civilians and ensure their safety in all circumstances, together with the importance of facilitating the evacuation and treatment of the sick and wounded. It remains ready to provide more emergency aid if necessary.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Nada Doumani, ICRC Amman: ++962 77 399 614  

 Ahmad Rawi, ICRC Baghdad: ++1914 360 94 73  

 Rana Sidani, ICRC Geneva: ++41 79 251 93 18