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Azerbaijan: Moot Court Competition on IHL

23-11-2004 News Release

The ICRC and the Azerbaijan Young Lawyers' Union (AYLU) have organized their first national Moot Count Competition on international humanitarian law.

The ICRC and the Azerbaijan Young Lawyers'Union (AYLU) have organized their first national Moot Count Competition on international humanitarian law.

The competition took place in Baku from the 4 to 7 November with students participating from the faculties of international law, law and international relations of Azerbaijani universities.

The competition was announced on 15 September and one month was allotted for the submission of applications. The ICRC received 16 applications from 6 universities and participating teams were selected based on the results of a preliminary round. As a result, 10 teams of 3 students from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku State University, Western University, the National Academy of Aviation and University Azerbaijan were chosen to take part.

The event began with expert presentations to the participants designed to give them a better understanding of the current issues relevant to IHL. During the competition itself participants were placed in situations of imaginary armed conflicts where they had to take decisions as legal advisors to the armed forces or ICRC delegates. They also had to use international humanitarian law to back up their arguments. In addition to each group's appearances in front of the jury, the teams had the opportunity to debate with each other during plenary sessions. The jury was composed of IHL and International law professors and representatives of the ICRC and AYLU.

The final involved teams from Baku State University and University Azerbaijan, with the " Alma Mater " group from Baku State University taking first place. The jury awarded the prize cup and set of books on International Law and IHL to the winners with the best speaker prize being awarded to a participant from Western University.