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Colombia: more people displaced in Nariño

02-10-2007 News Release 07/26

The armed conflict continues to affect people in various parts of Nariño department. In recent weeks, 626 people (144 families) in Tumaco and Cumbitara have been forced to flee for their lives.

On 18 September, 550 members of the indigenous Awa community in Nolpal, Bajo Inda, La Victoria, La Floresta and Pilvicito had to flee to Inda Sabaleta, Tumaco. These 110 families are currently living in the local school, under difficult conditions.

Meanwhile, 76 people from Miguel Nulpi, Cumbitara, fled to Sindón (also in Cumbitara), where almost all of them are staying with relatives and friends.

On 27 September, after assessing the needs of the people concerned, the ICRC brought in 10.7 tonnes of food (2,250 parcels), 625 hygiene kits and other basic items, to cover the most urgent needs.

The situation of the population is critical. “All we ask of the parties to the conflict is that they let us carry on with our traditions and our farming,” said one of the people who has been displaced, referring to the difficult situation in which he now finds himself.

The ICRC will continue to monitor the situation closely, in accordance with its mandate to protect and assist the victims of armed conflict.

  For further information, please contact:
  Carlos Ríos, ICRC Bogotá, tel +57 1 313 86 30