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Colombia - release of detained policemen postponed

20-03-2006 News Release

During the morning of Saturday 18 March the ICRC received from various sources, including the Colombian Police and the FARC-EP, conflicting information as to the situation prevailing in the place designated for the release of two policemen in the hands of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. In these circumstances the ICRC took the initial decision to postpone the release operation for security reasons.

After receiving confirmation that the handover could not take place in the agreed location, the ICRC decided to suspend the operation.

The ICRC regrets that the handover of the two policemen was not possible and reiterates its readiness to help in the search for a solution allowing their release.

In view of the FARC’s clear wish to make progress towards the release of the two captives, the ICRC will consider, together with the parties directly concerned, other ways and means of bringing this operation to a successful conclusion. In particular, it will examine mechanisms for ensuring proper security conditions in a context of prudence and discretion.